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La Casa de Loto is a meditation and yoga retreat temple located in the magical mountains of Guatapé in Colombia, just a little over an hour away from Medellin's international airport. Here we offer you daily meditation and yoga classes, silence, cozy accommodations, freshly cooked Ayurvedic food, and a variety of optional massages and other treatments. Our experienced teachers and staff, along with the beautiful nature surroundings, create the ideal conditions for you to turn inward, let go of stress, and reconnect to the essence of life, where lasting happiness can be found.

At the heart of all our retreat programs are the Buddhist meditations of samatha and vipassana (calm abiding & insight), daily hatha yoga classes to strengthen the mind and the body, and the practice of noble silence from 6pm to 8am every day. The latter can help you to cultivate inner peace and clarity, a greater sense of mindfulness, reduce stress, and connect you with your spiritual side.

If you wish to take a break from daily life for some time, to start or deepen your meditation and yoga practice, and enjoy a calming and spiritual atmosphere, you are happily welcome here. Our retreats always start on Fridays and end on Thursdays, and you can join us for one or several weeks.

"Bondage is simply the mind being bound, and if it is freed, without a doubt that is liberation." - Saraha



Our accommodations are thoughtfully designed in a calming and comfortable Zen style, featuring natural wood and bamboo structures, floors, and furnishings in soothing earth tones. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and a balcony offering enchanting views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Moreover, the serene atmosphere is complemented by a gentle mountain creek that gracefully flows by the huts.


At La Casa de Loto, we enjoy serving you delicious, healing Ayurvedic dishes. Our thoughtfully assembled meals feature locally grown vegetarian food and sustainably sourced ingredients, prepared with lots of love. During the meals, we try to eat mindfully so the food nourishes not only our bodies but also the mind and spirit. We believe in the healing power of Ayurveda, and craft our meals carefully to balance the bodies doshas (the element constitutions), promoting overall well-being and health.