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La Casa De Loto Meditation and Yoga Practice Hall + Guest House

La Casa de Loto is a Buddhist temple committed to transmitting a traditional path to awakening which leads to inner peace, clarity and mindfulness, through the practices of:


  • Buddhist meditation practices of samatha and vipassana 

  • Hatha yoga

  • Periods of Noble Silence


La Casa de Loto wasn't planned, it simply emerged like a lotus flower, rising from the challenges of unexpected illness. When Pema first arrived in Colombia, seeking a peaceful jungle life, he quickly found himself in a hospital in Medellin. But instead of despair, he offered solace to others through his calming meditation guidance. Soon, these informal sessions blossomed into his first retreat guests, drawn to his gentle wisdom.

After a year in Medellin, life brought him together with Maria, their shared passion for compassion growing into a beautiful partnership. Together, they left the city behind, transforming a quiet farm into a haven for mindful exploration. In 2016, La Casa de Loto opened its doors, offering refuge to those seeking a deeper connection to themselves, nature, and others.

KARMA PEMA (Founder & Meditation Teacher)

Pema Making Smoke Offerings_edited.jpg

Pema is a Meditation practitioner and teacher, who has walked the Buddhist path for over a decade, guided by esteemed masters like H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, and Loppon Jigme Rinpoche.

Early in life, Pema faced the profound loss of both parents, igniting a lifelong grapple with existential questions. Music offered solace for a time, leading to a professional career as a musician. Yet, beneath the surface, the yearning for deeper meaning persisted. Eventually, an unsustainable lifestyle and the weight of depression brought him to a critical juncture.


At the precipice of despair, a profound experience with the nature of being offered a lifeline. Pema saw that "all good and evil thoughts and feelings are merely essence-less projections of the mind." This revelation sparked a radical transformation. Renouncing worldly possessions, he embarked on a global quest for inner liberation, studying under many great buddhist masters and yogis. Somehow this dedicated journey led to the founding of La Casa de Loto.

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