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This has been one of the best weeks of my life. The place itself is stunning and surrounded by nature it is the perfect spot for peace and tranquility.

Pema is a great and wise guy and i got a lot of insights in meditation. The yoga lessons where great and i picked up on a lot of new techniques and skills.
And the food all vegetarian and cooked by the Ayurvedian Standards.
If you are looking for a place to turn Inside, deepen your meditation practice and focus on yoga this is a great place for it!

Amir EL

I had the pleasure to spend one week at La Casa de Loto.

It was my first retreat ever and also my introduction to meditation. So there is not much I can compare it to but I couldn’t wish for a better experience. It was a week full of learning and reflection. In my opinion it’s a great combination of mental work, yoga practice and super delicious food. I can totally recommend spending some time at La Casa de Loto.

Beautiful magical place. Loved every moment there.

Pema full of positive energy and knowledge to transmit. Katrine full of love in her heart and in her amazing dishes. Excellent yoga with Alejandro.

This place, all the people involved and who participated in the retreat, this experience will always be in my heart. I will definitely come back. Miss it so much.

There are not enough words to describe my experience at la casa de loto. I will try again for the sake of this review; the bottom line is: go! reconnect with your innate wellbeing!

The casa de loto family, the serene environment, the energy of the place, the teachings, the food, the sound of the water running through the property, the birds, the eternal spring, and the ever expanding community all helped me reconnect with myself. I stayed for three weeks and I did not want to leave.

5+ stars! For me this is a place where life-changing events can take place.

A perfect opportunity if you are seeking rest in combination with strengthening / developing your yoga and meditation skills.

The location is great as it is very nice disconnected from the "real world”.

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.  Everything exceeded my expectations.

The property is beautiful which allowed me to really sit with myself and appreciate the present moment.

Pema took time to answer our questions and held mediation class. Everyday we did a different meditation, and longer each time. He asked our experiences with each meditation and gave advice if that specific meditation wasn’t working. Alejandro was an amazing yoga instructor!

This is a place you have to go before you die. Pema and Maria have created for their guest such a deep experience within that you will never forget.

La Casa de Loto is a place that will help you reconnect with in. I always wanted to meditate Pema made it so easy that anyone can do it there. The Yoga Classes are amazing and I have been to so many around the world. The food is amazing and is worthed every penny. As Pema said you are not going to a 5 start hotel you are going to inmerse in a journey with in and get in touch with the simplicity of life and that is priceless. 110% recommend it.

Great food, Pema was a wonderful teacher.

The place radiates calmness & peace.

I learned a lot about myself & had a noticeable calm that has been noticeable from friends and family even months after coming here!

La Casa de Loto is absolutely amazing. I’ve gone back two times and hope to make it back again at some point.

The property is beautiful, the food is healthy and delicious, the staff is wonderful.

Pema is knowledgeable and taught me so much. Definitely book this retreat if you want a life changing experience!

The retreat is set in a very magical place in nature!

Every morning I would take a dip in the creek which I am already missing.

I enjoyed the daily yoga and meditations it was very peaceful to disconnect from the rat race. I don’t eat vegetarian but the food is amazing and I will now be incorporating some of the recipes in my diet.

Pema and his family are very wonderful people And I would highly recommend their retreat.

Food is excellent!

I had a great time here. Pema was a wonderful teacher.

The silence was beautiful because I could hear the birds sing to themselves.

I learned a lot about myself while I was here and I miss it dearly.

Having not had a firm meditation or yoga background I did not know what to expect. The one week experience was so incredible I decided to book two more additional weeks. The setting is beautiful & serene. I chose to have my own room which was spacious, cleaned every day, with updated bathroom. The cost was extremely reasonable. I actually saved money by being there when accounting for money I was spending on hotel, food, Uber etc. The food was outstanding. Pema is an amazing instructor who teaches with compassion & love which can also be felt by all the people who work there. Incredible experience!

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