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Please bring everything that you think you might need for the week as we are about 10 minutes away from the nearest town with shops. 


Guatape has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 12-27 C/54-82 F. There is often a mix of hotter days with more sun with cooler rainy days so prepare for both. 


Please note that you will need to carry your own bags to your accommodations up a trail, so make sure you can carry your bag!


  • Yoga mats and equipment

  • Meditation cushions

  • Filtered water

  • Laundry

  • Library of spiritual books

  • Shampoo & Soap

notebook and pen in zen style with wood_edited.jpg


  • Comfortable clothes for yoga

  • Warm clothes for the evenings

  • Swimsuit or shorts to bathe in the mountain brooks

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Raincoat and waterproof shoes or sandals

  • Long socks if you are going to walk or hike

  • Natural mosquito repellant and long pants and shirt for dusk and dawn

  • A headlamp or flashlight

  • A journal

  • Additional snacks if you want (although you will be well fed!)

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