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In a world filled with stress and chaos, finding balance and harmony can seem like a far-off dream. With the help of Kanyas deep knowledge and dedication to health and wellness, he can help you to find physical and emotional well-being.


Zen-Shiatsu is a natural and traditional form of acupressure therapy that focuses on balancing the body's energy system to promote overall health and well-being.


By releasing energy blockages and restoring natural energy flow, Zen-Shiatsu can relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve emotional health.


Kanya Kumari's approach is personalized and effective. Through careful assessment and active listening, he will give you a customized treatment tailored to your unique needs.

USD $70 / 90 minutes

During the Zen-Shiatsu session, Kanya Kumari will apply precise pressure to key points on your body, stimulating energy flow and releasing built-up tension.  The benefits of Zen-Shiatsu therapies include stress reduction, immune system enhancement, pain relief, emotional well-being stimulation, and promotion of overall health. 


Silpa's expertise in therapy is deeply rooted in her childhood and upbringing, learning from the best in the field as the daughter of a renowned therapist.


Her passion for traditional therapies and the Muisca and Mayan medicinal traditions have guided her to become a master in her own right.


Silpa's approach to healing is centered around the belief that the body is sacred and connected to the world around us.

USD $70 / 90 minutes


Her therapies are tailored to each client's unique needs, restoring balance to the mind and body and allowing individuals to connect with their true selves. With techniques such as Fire Massage, Overflow, Cupping, and Oil Massage, Silpa's patients can embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner harmony.

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Thai massage, also known as Thai Yoga Therapy, is an ancient healing technique practiced in Thailand. It was developed by Buddhist monks and is based on Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga to maintain health and well-being. A Thai session includes a combination of acupressure with the fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees to work the meridians or energy lines of the body, and also consists of assisted dynamic stretches with positions similar to those practiced in yoga.

These sessions help to heal by increasing joint mobility, flexibility and releasing muscle tension to achieve great relaxation, as well as creating greater awareness, reducing stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation with the consequent oxygenation and cleansing, giving a deep sensation of physical well-being, lightness and a necessary and appreciated mental rest.

USD $70 / 90 minutes

It is a body massage with which you will recover the vital energy achieving a physical, mental and emotional balance.

It is done on the floor with the recipient lying on a futon and wearing comfortable clothes; usually the skin is not kneaded or rubbed with oils as in classic massages but in this session, Marta will especially add essential oils for facial, foot and neck massage to take you to a greater state of relaxation.

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