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Are you looking for a magical place where you can settle into nature and deepen your connection to your inner self and inter-being with life? Are you ready to embark on a meditation and yoga practice? Would you like to connect with a small group of like-minded people?


Welcome to La Casa de Loto! We are a small Buddhist meditation and yoga retreat temple nestled in the mountains of Guatapé, two hours from Medellin, Colombia. This area is relatively untouched by development and so you can experience a healthy, vibrant ecosystem, full of mesmerizing views, exotic wildlife, fresh air and tranquility. 


It is our hope that our guests are able to go deeply inward, let go of stress and reconnect with the essence of life, where lasting happiness can be found.We offer two different options of retreats tailored to meet people’s different needs. Each option includes meditation and yoga sessions, comfortable accommodations, and delicious and healthy meals.


Ready to dive in?


At La Casa de Loto, you can expect an enriching and transformative experience that we hope will change your life for the better.  Our retreats include instruction in the foundational practices of Buddhist meditation (Vipassana & Shamatha) and guided Hatha Yoga classes taught by experienced teachers. Our retreats also include periods of Noble Silence to facilitate deep contemplation and transformation.

At La Casa de Loto, we're passionate about creating delicious and nourishing vegetarian/ vegan cuisine. Our thoughtfully prepared dishes feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are crafted with love. We believe in the power of plants to fuel your well-being, and our vibrant vegetarian meals are designed to satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body.

La Casa de Loto is designed to create the feeling of a forest retreat practice. Our cabins and buildings are thoughtfully designed, comfortable spaces, nestled in the forest with a mountain creek that flows below. Each room is equipped with its own bathroom and a balcony which offers enchanting views of the surrounding mountains and forest. This leads to a feeling of oneness with the trees, birds, insects and other wildlife. 

La Casa de Loto is located in the magical mountains of Guatapé offering mesmerizing views, abundant wildlife, nature, and a refreshing breath of fresh air, inviting you to experience a world of natural beauty and tranquility.


Travel from the airport usually takes around 1.5 hours, and around 2 hours from Medellin City (el Poblado). We recommend arriving in Guatapé a day before the retreat starts already, to make sure you arrive in time for the check-in at 2pm on Fridays. 

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